Transnational Meeting-Romania
 21.04.2023 20:11:09
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The fourth cross-border meeting took place in Romania, in Iași between 02.9-10.2022. During the 2 days, the representatives of the participating countries participated in an extensive and detailed program as follows:
- 09.02.2023 – 10.00 The opening of the event took place in the "Ferdinand" Hall of the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University in Iasi. In addition to the members of the project, we had the honor of having with us:
- The Vice-Rector for International Relations from "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University in Iași, in the person of Mrs. Prof. Univ. Dr. COJOCARU Daniela.Mrs. Vice-Chancellor opened the meeting and presented the report on how the project was carried out in our institution. In addition to the welcome wishes addressed to our esteemed guests, the vice-chancellor highlighted the success of the project at the local level, praised the initiative of colleagues in Turkey regarding the implementation of this project, and proved open to future collaborations with partner institutions.
- Director of the Doctoral School, Prof. Univ. Dr. COJOCARIU Adrian from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Iasi addressed the welcome message from the faculty. Mr. Director of the Doctoral School was a permanent supporter of all the projects carried out by the faculty, especially his.
- The head of Erasmus on the faculty, Lect. Univ. Dr. OPREAN Alexandru concluded the speeches of the guests from Romania. Alexandru Oprean briefly presented the partnerships where our faculty are involved, the completed and ongoing projects, and the movement of teaching staff and students through the Erasmus program. Alexandru Oprean was and is a supporter of cross-border education.
The project manager Halil UGUZ presented the situation of the activities carried out until now, the status of reports to the European Union, outlined the following tasks that must be taken into account, and set deadlines for the completion of the final report by each partner member of the project. In conclusion, he recalled the indicators that have not yet been achieved.
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