Final Meeting
 16.05.2023 13:30:42
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Supported by the European Commission Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), under the coordination of Sorgun Youth Association (SORGED), in partnership with Fundación Universitaria San Antonio (UCAM)-Spain, Ginásio Clube Português (GCP)-Portugal and Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University (UAIC) -Romania, within the framework of the Erasmus+ Sport program, the 5th closing meeting of the project named Sport For Social Change (S4SC), which was carried out between 1 May 2022 - 30 April 2023. The transnational closing meeting was held in Sorgun on 24-25 April 2023. Within the framework of the closing meetIng, Halil UĞUZ, Mustafa YEŞİLOĞLU, İzzet KIRKAYA and Mehmet İNAN from Turkey, Puni Alexandru Rares, Tanasă Anca-Raluca ,Iacob MIhaI-Radu, from Romania, Daniel Simoes , Beatriz Viegas from Portugal , Álvaro DIaz-Aroca from Spain the day started with their participation.

The opening meeting started at 10 o'clock and first of all, the participants reviewed the work done during the 12 months of the project and evaluated all the activities organized. Afterwards, the work done and to be completed within the scope of the duties and responsibilities of each country was discussed, the final status of the budget was discussed, and all participants gave their opinions on the draft final booklet containing the 12-month activities. Afterwards, the final decision was made on the modifications to be made on the draft booklet and it was decided to complete the tasks and responsibilities related to the final report until 31 May 2023 as stated in the project application. In addition, plans were made on the sustainability, dissemination and visibility of the project after the completion of the project. It was decided that the sustainability of the project will continue under the coordination of SORGED.  It was decided that the project courses organized within the scope of the project will be given to disadvantaged groups within each partner institution. Each partner will organize trainings for local institutions, organizations, NGOs, youth centers, youth workers and youth centers to disseminate the project. The partners will come together in a zoom meeting every 3 months to evaluate the sustainability and dissemination of the project. 

After having lunch together, the participants visited Sorgun Şehit Ahmet Alan Anatolian High School for the end of the afternoon session. The project participants met with approximately 200 high school students between the ages of 16-18 and informed them about the activities of the project and provided information to the young people about the long-term stay at home during the Covid-19 period and the health problems that people started to experience due to this and the ways of protection from them. In addition to this, the participants had a conversation with the students about Erasmus+ and ESC opportunities and answered their questions.

Afterwards, within the scope of the sports activity organized in Şehit Oğuzhan Kula Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in Sorgun district, a futsal and volleyball activity was organized between our participants and school students, and information about the project was provided by raising awareness in our district and within the scope of the project.

Within the scope of the closing meeting Day 2 activities, project participants came together with young people between the ages of 18-26 and organized a conference on health and sports in the Covid-19 process. The young people were introduced to the institutions and informed about the purpose, objectives, results, achievements and activities carried out in 12 months. The project team informed the young people about Erasmus+ programs and gave information about Erasmus+, sports and ESC programs that they can participate in abroad for free. In addition, they answered the questions asked by the young people by explaining the issues they were curious about.

In the afternoon, the young people and the participants came together and free time was provided and a visit was made to the exhibition projects within the scope of the Science Fair organized by Sorgun Municipality in Sorgun district. Afterwards, the closing meeting was completed with a cultural tour.

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